Brunch with a Side of Street Art

Lexington is home to some of the most prolific and provocative street art in the country – maybe the world.

Fortunately, the culinary tapestry is just as rich and bountiful, so you can often enjoy brunch at the same time! In this post we highlight the most recent murals commissioned by the visionaries at PRHBTN. Happy hunting!

Where is this multidimensional, multi-story zoo?
Hint: It’s not the first to adorn this very same wall.

Mural by Koz Dos

Answer:  On Short Street! Check it out when brunching at staples like The Village Idiot and Dudley’s on Short. FUN FACT: The former mural “Moonshine” by How & Nosm towered above Short Street in this exact spot from October 2014-September 2019, before it was slowly undone by the elements, causing irreparable damage.

Where is this sly and stately fellow?
Hint: The forthcoming business within these walls is sure to ‘perk’ up the neighborhood!

Mural by Alexandrea Pangburn

Answer: Jefferson Street! Home to a hotbed of brunch favorites like County Club, Nick Ryan’s, and Stella’s Kentucky Deli. Venture to nearby West Sixth Brewing and check out murals by DRAGON76 and GAIA. FUN FACT: This building will soon house the first brick-and-mortar location of Smokin’ Aces Coffee Co.!

Where is this controversial creation?
Hint: It received a major modification just days after completion when an ‘Easter egg’ that was supposed to be hidden within the piece was found to be easily visible.

Mural by ELLE Street Art

Answer: Church Street! Keep your eyes open en route to brunch hot spots Oscar Diggs, Minglewood, and (coming soon) Roulay. BONUS: The best view of all comes from Lussi Brown Coffee Bar, and the adjacent wall beholds a beautiful Keya Tama piece from PRHBTN’s past.

Where is this mind-warping wraparound?
Hint: This small street has a big name.

Mural by SNUB23

Answer: National Avenue! Don’t miss it on your way to Rolling Oven (inside Mirror Twin), Epping’s on Eastside, and Local’s.

See the rest of the murals!

Now in its ninth year, PRHBTN is an annual celebration of art forms that have been criminalized, marginalized, and under-appreciated in the mainstream, featuring public murals alongside an exhibition of street art works in a space that complements the raw, powerful nature of the message and artistry of each piece. Click the map below for more info or pick one up at the Lexington Visitor’s Center.

Map provided by PRHBTN

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