First things first, we strictly adhere to the ultimate brunch credo:
Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast.

Brunch in the Bluegrass is a celebration of Kentucky’s finest regional cuisine and the most diverse meal of the day.

Each restaurant we feature is locally-owned, you won’t find any corporate chains here, and they all make a strong effort to source ingredients from within the community, which in turn supports our farmers and statewide economies!

Ready to brunch the day away?

Check out our curated lists of brunch hot spots, join us for an event, or follow us on Facebook! Brunch in the Bluegrass will:

  • Alert you to patios, private parking, and primo brunching days
  • Advise where you should make reservations and whether you can bring your pooch
  • Give you the first look at new brunch hot spots, trends, recipes, and events

Please brunch responsibly and never, ever drink and drive.