Fuel for the Woodland Art Fair

The Woodland Art Fair is this weekend, and lucky for all you brunch-goers, there are lots of options to choose from within a stone’s throw of the park!  Click the logos to check out their menus.

Louie’s Wine Dive & Chevy Chase Kitchen

Sometimes I sound like a broken record, but the beignets here are NO JOKE, people.


Confession:  I’ve never had their brunch, but once I saw that Black Velvet on their menu, I was sold!  It’s officially on my hit list.

Josie’s (Lexington location)

It doesn’t Goetta (see what I did there?) much better than all-day breakfast!

The Sage Rabbit

Confession #2:  I haven’t brunched here yet, either!  However, I have had dinner (excellent) and I did work alongside the owner, Chef Foster, at Sullivan University, whose work is pure genius.  In fact, he might be partly to ‘blame’ for my becoming a foodie.  In any event, The Tipsy Frenchman sounds delightful, and some of my foodie friends could totally get behind the Cajun oyster Po Boy with bleu cheese mayo.  If there’s ever a shrimp version (*hint hint*) I’ll be all about it.

Bear & The Butcher

Like giant portions?  How about mimosa bars?  This spot is for YOU!


Confession #3:  You guessed it.  Sorry people, I went through a brief brunch drought and it’s starting to show itself!  Sadly, their brunch* menu isn’t posted online, BUT I’ve been there for dinner twice, and not only did neither meal disappoint, but both were EXCELLENT.  

*They are only open for brunch on Saturday.

If you happen to hit Lynaugh’s, The Sage Rabbit, or Walker’s this weekend, let me know what you thought!

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