Brunch in the Bluegrass is BACK!

Big things are happening all around the Bluegrass, so it only makes sense that Brunch in the Bluegrass would make a BIG comeback!  Lots has changed since we took an indefinite leave of absence (for example, ‘we’ is now ‘I’), but the high turnover of eateries in Lexington continues to leave diners somewhat dazed and confused; I often enter into conversations with people – some of whom have moved away and others who just don’t get out much – and inevitably the question of “What happened to _________?” gets asked.  That’s just the restaurant reality we live in, people, but I digress.  Some of you may remember the original ‘Brunch in the Bluegrass’ concept, which died a quick death when my beloved Walter Ravizee moved away, so before embarking on a new adventure let’s pour a little (champagne) out for my boy, but just a tiny bit.  Waste not, want not!

Not too long ago my new boss sent me the following text message:  “Just out of curiosity, does someone pay you to mention all of those businesses on your Facebook because I can’t imagine you do it for fun?”  Believe it or not, I do, and no one pays me!  (Disclaimer:  If anyone wants to pay me, I’m amenable to that discussion!)  Food is one of my many passions, and if I’m spending money – mine or someone else’s 😉 – to dine out, I want to do it well.  Not surprisingly, every Saturday and Sunday I’m peppered with text messages soliciting recommendations for brunch spots.  Y’all ask and I happily deliver, except now I’m going to share the love on a grander scale – there’s so much more to come.  This is also a good time to mention that I’m an Elite Yelper; a rose by any other name would deduce that means I just write a lot of reviews.  I mean I try, I really do – some reviews practically write themselves – but most of the time there just aren’t enough hours in a day, and my attention span continues to dwindle at an alarming pace.  What unanswered text messages?  Yeah, sorry about those.

So here it is, Sunday again, and you might be scratching your head trying to narrow down brunch options.  Allow me to assist!  Start by reading my review of Red Light Kitchen & Lounge; the forecast is calling for a sunny 85 degrees, and RLKL has the most perfect indoor-outdoor space in which to enjoy it!  If that doesn’t suit, don’t worry – Lexington is home to a host of other fabulous brunch options, which I’ll reveal to you in due time! 😁

*PRO TIP:  If you’re intent on dining somewhere, check multiple sources – i.e. the restaurant’s website, Facebook/Instagram pages, Google, Yelp – before giving up.  The internet is a big place and sometimes it’s hard to keep everything updated!

If you’re somehow reading this from Louisville and thinking, ‘That girl is only going to wax poetic about Lexington,’ WRONG!  It’s Brunch in the BLUEGRASS, after all, and my travels will certainly include brunch, as well!  Check out this recent gem brought to you by the fine folks at The Local Yelp – Louisville:  Brunch Is Just Better With Mimosas.  Wow – you have no idea how happy I am to finally have that email out of my inbox! 😅

Now it’s time to re-launch the Facebook page.  Happy brunching, everyone!

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