We include chains and corporate entities on this list because many of the franchisees are locals and they need our support, too!

Offerings not adjusted for post-COVID-19 re-openings.

33 Staves

Stickie Buns, Chorizo Fritters, and Cat Head Biscuits & Kentucky Ham

Bear & the Butcher

Avocado Toast, Flatbread(s), Cinnamon Roll, and Breakfast Nachos

Carson’s Food & Drink

Grilled Brie and Salmon Bruschetta

Local Feed

Skillet Cornbread, Roasted Beets, Brussels Sprouts, Butter Beans, and Deviled Eggs


Fried Lemon Ricotta Donuts, Monkey Bread, Peach Toast, and Picnic Fruit Salad

OBC Kitchen

Warm Glazed Cinnamon Buttermilk Donuts, Bacon in a Glass, Barbecued Shrimp, and Hot Baked Crab Dip

*All offerings subject to change seasonally.

Are we missing something good?

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