The Best Brunch In & Around the Bluegrass According To…Everyone?

The Bluegrass is nothing if not a melting pot – of accents, cultures, and most certainly cuisines. Many people make their way to Central Kentucky as undergraduate students to attend UK, Transylvania, Centre College, and the like, then never leave. Likewise, many native Kentuckians – anxious to spread their homegrown wings – relocate to neighboring states, but continue to the call the Bluegrass ‘home.’ This post pays homage to the brunchers belonging to both groups: The ones who were born here and the ones we adopted. Every major news outlet, media network, food blogger, and travel junkie has an opinion about where you can find the ‘best’ something, and in this case the subject is clear: BRUNCH! I compiled this list of the best brunches in and around the Bluegrass, and while some favorites appeared more than once (as denoted by + signs), some stood out loud and proud. Dig in!

Last but not least, I loooooove this list, compiled by none other than Lexington’s own Yelp Ambassador, Heather Preece! And girlfriend has good taste, because here again we find Con Huevos (Louisville) +1 and Otto’s (Covington) +2 among the best of the best.